Our aim is to bring effectiveness to procurement, to concentrate on large volume procurements, and to find both affordable and good quality products and services.

We choose our procurements based on wishes expressed in our customer surveys. Our main product categories are: energy, ICT, rescue equipment, leasing, insurance, travelling, and different office and data processing equipment. 

Project-specific expertise

KL-Kuntahankinnat brings project specific expertise into procurement. Our company’s and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities know-how is complemented by an extensive network of experts to ensure expertise in the tendering process.

In order to provide the right products and services to meet our clients' current needs, we work in close co-operation with our clients during the tendering phase and throughout the contract period.

In addition to our more traditional volume procurements, we are also involved in major IT system procurements intended for the entire municipal sector. They include the electronic tendering system, patient record system, the electronic payment voucher system PSOP, and the municipalities' KY network. 

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